A Place Where No Dreams Come True...

Current Topic: We seem to be short changed here. Do you know the meaning of the word reciprocate. How about share. Well... Apparently our family doesn't.

Well... We have done numerous favors, for the family, which have cost us plenty. Not just money but also 'inconvenience' which is a lot less tolerable. And I don't think I've asked for much in return. Just fill the log deck, with any of the hundreds of logs rotting away in the pasture. You know... The ones which are in the way. The ones which should have been bucked into firewood many years ago. The useless slag consuming the pastures.

Firewood logging scrap Firewood logging scrap

Hidey hole firewood stash Hidey hole firewood stash Hidey hole Firewood stash

Well! It doesn't look like much but after a week of hauling ~8 or so 'oversized' loads 30-miles round-trip, on back-country roads, with no expense contribution (I paid for gas... Ugh!), It became obvious that we were on our own.

The sad thing here is that we have always been told; Well just help yourself. The problem with that has been that we have had no access to the vast equipment available. And we have none of our own. Even if we had our own 'log moving' equipment it would still suck because we would have to move it every day we wanted to mill. Oh yeah! There's always the 'one' broken piece of 'possible' equipment that takes an hour of time to massage for five minutes of use. Ugh!

Unfair payback

And my contribution, which I had to fight for, were two, small, cedar tops, I needed desperately to fix my already deteriorating livestock shelters.

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