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Current Topic: There is no grazing here while the ground is covered in snow and ice. And for us. That's what Hay-Fever is all about. It's the madness period between grazing animals in the Summer and 'hay' fed animals in the Winter and the rush to make it work for everyone while trying to account for the weather.

Horses Need To Eat In The Winter...

With winter quickly closing it became time to collect winter hay. Our goal was to purchase 11-tons of hay split between first and second cut. The two different cuts have natural nutritional differences plus there is a difference in the alfalfa/hay ratios.

This is a big hay shed

The hay shed is in the middle of a field Filling the tippy Tippy loaded Filling the DaryTruck Darytruck filled We also hired a semi A semi with a trailer That's a lot or hay

Ok... We loaded almost 10 tons. Now comes the unloading. We arrived back at Thousand Oats and began unloading. Fortunately we have some cousins in town from New Finland. These guys are younger and strong. They made throwing bails look easy. They were able to throw and catch and re-throw bails in an assembly line. Right up to the top of the stack.

Now we have to unload it Our shed seems ill prepared We must get one of these We are working hard Making progress Hmm. Where are we going to put all of this That is a lot of hay Quite an acomplishment for half-a-day This should feed through the winter

The first thing we unloaded was the big flatbed and trailer we hired. Thanks to the cousins from New Finland this went very fast. Irene even mentioned that hay has never gone smoother. Thanks Shane, Greg, Eddie and everyone else.

Was that it Time for beer and Pony rides Shaelynn's first time on a horse Trotting down the driveway Showing in the yard Once around the back In the background

Now... If it wasn't obvious... We actually moved 20-tons today. 10-tons loaded and 10-tons unloaded. After we were done Shauna fed and watered everyone. In the early afternoon (after we had finished) the clouds had burned off and it was a lovely afternoon. Shane and his wife Terry brought their children so we decided to give them pony rides. Pepper the 'Welsh' pony continues to be the most popular attraction here at Thousand Oats. But that is soon to change.

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