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Current Topic: It has been a long time plan for Shauna and I to have a tree-lined driveway.

Trees Take A Long Time : Plant Them Now Or You Won't Get To Enjoy Them...

Shauna and I have been planning a tree-lined driveway for a while now but we needed to stage several other events in order to prepare. We've moved fences and built sheds and designated most of the areas we plan to use for trailers, equipment and storage. And during all this we planned in space for trees.

Although we have planned on this it really isn't in the budget. But because of it's long term maturity requirement it needed to be done now. Or we might never get the chance to enjoy it.

We had met a new friend who was a tree farmer. He had some maturing trees that needed to be moved before it would be beyond his capability and we were looking for a bargain. Only he wasn't sure how he would be able to move his heavy equipment. Well it turns out that Shauna's Cousin is a heavy equipment owner/operator and has the ability to move them. And being early Autumn it is the perfect time for transplant. Our supplier is now highly motivated to help us and himself included. So with a little coordination we were able to get the equipment and the trees here in a very timely fashion.

Tree transplanting Tree transplanting Tree transplanting

It took only about two hours, with string-line and tape measures, to lay out the planting points. The only challenge being trying to get the most coverage while still allowing proper paths for people, horses and maintenance equipment. Including the lawnmower which, solely, makes the 'park like grounds' illusion possible.

Amazingly, with proper equipment, it took less time to prep the holes then it did to stake them out. With Shauna's Cousin leading the operation in his dump truck to accept the waste from the holes there wasn't even a mess to clean up. And the trees, harvested with the same equipment set in the holes perfectly and went in faster then it took to prepare for them. Basically... Instant gratification.

Treeline view Treeline view Treeline view

Sadly this is the dormant time for the trees and although all are taller then 20ft. it's hard to tell now how lovely they really are. But like I said before... Plant them now. Enjoy them later. Or it'll be to late.

Being somewhat mature trees we are told that we can expect a canopy over the driveway in maybe ten years. See what I mean by long-term. Be assured we will be enjoying them every day. We can't wait to see them when they bloom next Summer.


It is tradition in my family to plant trees in honor and memory of a loved one who has passed. Normally money is donated to an organization which is committed to this cause. In this case however...

Treeline view

Instead I would like to dedicate these trees in memory of my Father. I know he would particularly like them because they are arranged. Arranged to provide beauty and shade in a park like atmosphere instead of some unattended forest.

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