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Current Topic: Even though we have pulled many building permits the Caretaker-Cottage presented a special, additional, set of requirements.

I Need A What...

Apparently... Nowadays... I need to pay, for an additional approval, in order to be eligible, to request, that I be allowed to pay more money, to receive a permit, to build a 'Dwelling' on my property. By myself and with my caretaker of course. In the middle of nowhere (certifiable). Using local resources.

That means. For an 'Owner-Built' dwelling I needed a special approval from an another Agency located in a major metropolitan area. Originally I didn't think that mattered but ultimately their misunderstanding (cultural in nature) of what I wanted led to several delays in the approval process. And this approval is a new requirement needed to apply for a building permit of this type.

So I applied online which is the only option including a full, non-refundable, fee printing out the accompanying forms and sending them along with some additional information to the registrar agency. The H.P.O. An additional requirement. And waited. Hmm!

Several weeks later I received an email from the HPO to which I politely, I thought, replied. Uh oh! The HPO phoned me and after only a short conversation they were ready to write me off (without refunding my fee) as a wacko.

Fortunately. I had been discussing my frustrations with my building inspector and he volunteered to talk to the all powerful HPO. Thank you RDCK. The building inspector managed to clear up the misunderstandings and get the process back on track.

During the approval application process I discovered that I am prohibited from any building until the approval process authorizes me to apply for a permit.

Geez! Really! I've already prepped the site, built footing forms, and poured footing concrete. All with proper building inspections. Yeah! I know I don't have an actual building permit yet but since it is 'in progress' I have not been prohibited (penalized) from my progress.

Cottage footing forms Cottage footing forms Cottage footings

So I tell my building inspector what I learned of my restrictions and he kind of chuckled and said 'Who's going to know'. In the long run he knows and trusts that when the bill finally comes in we're good for it and that's all any agency needs to be concerned with.

Yeah! You might think the saga ends there but, low and behold, the HPO once again phones me. Apparently the case-worker originally assigned is on leave and they need some additional information (they have lost everything). Didn't take me long before they determined I was once again whacked. Please call my building inspector. Yeah! We had better do that!

Yup! Got that straightened out. Once again thank you RDCK.

it's now the middle of Winter and I get a final email from the HPO informing me I have been approved and can download the certificate needed for my building permit application.

Wow! After eight months I'm finally approved in the middle of the most unbuildable time of year. Did they do that on purpose. Anyway... I held on until the end of Spring to, with my approval and my plans, finally apply for the building permit.

One quite hefty fee later and we are finally permitted.

And who wouldn't want to live here. Just look at the view...

Cottage view Cottage view

Blah blah!

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