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Current Topic: One of the things we were depending on was the roof. It looked really good on the outside and was obviously new. But... Sadly, as every other repair of this house it was improperly done. Oh Well!

The Roof Is Not As Good As It Looks...

The roof is relatively new. It is peaked in the center of the house (gable) however the slope transitions to less gradual on one side directly above the breezeway. Which was an obvious add-on in the houses history. If the slope didn't change there the ceiling would have been to low at the outside edge of the breezeway and additionally the carport also adjacent to the breezeway.

Sad thing is that the problems to the roof at this transition are stupid nailing mistakes. No doubt another budget decision. The failure are several nails outside the coverage area of other roof tiles or between the edges of the overlapping piece. This happens only at the one slope transition. Everywhere else the roof seems to be in good condition and installed properly. Darn! If there was problems with 'ice-damming' because the tiles didn't lay flat on top of each other then an adhesive would have been a better solution.

Anyway... The first attempt we made, against our better judgment, was indeed driven by budget and involved simply patching the holes we were able to find after a thorough search and repair mission. We were pretty sure we found all the culprits.

Unfortunately... There was no real way to tell accept for time. This led to the second attempt. Oh! The first attempt actually went well. But it wasn't perfect. So we went on another exhaustive search and found some places we missed. Which is why they took longer to show up.

Well... That didn't last long either.

Time To Call In The Mercenaries...

At this point we were getting very frustrated so I made a deal with a local roofing dude (expert). Originally we were looking to replace the entire roof but the roofer was convinced that he could repair the botched section for a fraction of the cost. The roofer was also, as a guarantee, willing to deduct the cost of the repair from the cost of a replacement if replacement became necessary.

The repair was outstanding. The entire transition (seam) was replaced, properly, and as a bonus the roofer was able to match the tile color perfectly. This is going to buy us at least fifteen more years on this roof at a very moderate cost.

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