A Place Where No Dreams Come True...

Current Topic: The Retro House is a renovator's dream. Sadly we're not really renovators.

The Retro-House Was Actually In Tear-Down Condition But That Didn't Stop Us From Fixing It Instead.

Retro-House Breezeway.

Where do I start.... How about at the entry to the house. Well... There is a 'Breezeway'. Kind of a very large mud room. There is a main entry (door) from the front of the house, an entry on the east side off the carport and an entry from the back. The back, by the way, leads to an alley with potentially some additional parking space. Not that parking is a problem.

RetroHouse Kitchen main view. RetroHouse Kitchen side view.

The breezeway leads to the kitchen. It's really not too bad. There are built in appliances, but they don't work.

Retro-House Living-Room back view. Retro-House Living-Room picture window view. Retro-House Living-Room Kitchen view.

Off the kitchen is the main living room. Except for the stringers (wood strips added probably for support) on the ceiling it's in reasonably good shape. There is also a nice view from big corner windows.

Retro-House Bathroom Toilet. Retro-House Bathroom Sink. Retro-House Bathroom entry view.  Ugh! Retro-House Bathroom Tub. Retro-House Bathroom Shower (part of the tub).

The bathroom however is in horrible shape. Everything leaks. There is obviously decades of cheap or 'do-it-yourself' patching going on here. From the smell of it there is mold and rot everywhere. No matter how much linoleum you put down you can never

Retro-House Store Shed. Retro-House Wall-Mart Storage. Retro-House Wall-Mart Freebies.

There is also a storage shed. After I put in shelves and all my shop stuff Cheryl appointed it Wall Mart. Apparently... That was her first impression when she saw how it was populated.

What's my plan for this property. Since it's paid off completely I would like to rent is out to provide a steady income stream. One to two of these and I could make more than enough to survive. Certainly better then I was working for a living. Pure profit. Not just making enough to pay the bills. Without even getting ahead (financially).

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