A Place Where No Dreams Come True...

Current Topic: The Bedroom is the best room in the house, condition wise, but it still needs an upgrade from it's current Trailer-Park finish.

The Bedroom Is Not To Bad...

Or is it... The first thing we did was to remove the imitation wood walling. To our surprise there was not much behind it. No Really. There was no insulation and the wall-board was barely attached.

This house continues to fight us every chance it gets. Well... We're not so easily defeated. Frustrated but not defeated. We did the best we could to insulate and shim the walls so they would accept a proper sheet-rock wall. We also replaced the broken window and replaced the floor. Really... A quick and cheap (since there was no real damage) get it done type job.

Retro-House Bedroom closet.

And then there is the closet. It is very deep and is actually partitioned off to make two closets with the adjoining area forming an awkward closet in another space. On top of that the bedroom closet is covered with graffiti. Even after several coats of primer and paint there are still traces of it bleeding through.

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