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Current Topic: The Added-On (Addition) looked ok on the surface but was just as much trouble as the rest of the house has been.

After Everything Else. The Addition Is Only A Minor Disappointment...

At the back of the house is a late model room addition. It is roughly the entire width of the original house and about 25 feet deep making it the biggest room, in the house, at about 700+ square feet. There are two doors. One is a sliding glass door leading to/from the main house (ugh) the other is a private outside entry. Only the entry is from the back of the property only which leads to an alley with no parking. Don't worry... We are a little confused too.

Since the rest of the house was in more desperate condition and this room seemed to be holding it's own we have been using it as a storage space. Including a ridiculously built closet that we planned to remove later. This is where we store our tools.

It stores the tools too

We proceeded to move the rest of our stuff to storage because we were still living in the 384 square foot picker shack (little house) at the farm with only the one 64 square foot storage/tack/feed-shed outbuilding. So obviously we couldn't absorb any more stuff. And we had quite a bit of it. And now it was less accessible in storage.

It's bigger then it looks

Sad thing is that when we were done, for the time being, with our renovation and had taken a tenant we decided to remove the make-shift closet because we felt it to be a liability. Not only was it structurally unsafe but it was electrically unsafe. It couldn't have been more of a kludge. So it had to go...


We removed the closet at the same time we were doing the floors so the room could have a uniform finish. As we removed the closet it became painfully obvious why it was there. And. Why it was such a kludge. It was hiding something. Darn! We have a very short time frame before our first tenant moves in.

Due to yet another botched (and cheap) previous renovation the floor under the closet turned out to be completely rotted. With all the weight of our tools stored there we were surprised that the floor didn't collapse under the weight. We wish now it had. If we knew about it we could have scheduled it. Now we have to really push. And we are all tired and old.

Due to the back elevation and the natural drainage and the poor foundation and a really stupid method to compensate for all that the corner of the room where the closet once stood (just barely) was rotten. The floor joists, over the years, had been subjected to excessive moisture. All in all. We had to replace about 160 square feet of floor joists. Additionally replacing the subfloor until we were finally ready for final (cheap for now) floor.

We still need to find a better purpose for this room.

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